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Project Messiah $12.95

Historically, man has attempted to determine the image of God. Many of the ancients, such as the Egyptians, tried to do so by carving images of stone. Many civilizations have considered their rulers to be gods. Numerous Emperors in the Roman Empire proclaimed themselves to be gods and demanded that the people worship them.

If you believe that modern man is immune to this, the truth might surprise you. There are groups of people in United States today who want to establish a so-called "Theocracy." They want their church would become the administrator of the stat which would ultimately give them control of the government.

With this in mind, consider these questions.

  • What if modern man could use technology to create a "god" in their image?
  • Does such technology exist?
  • Might use of this technology be fulfillment of some ancient prophecies?

Project Messiah is the story of a "Church" that attempts to do just that. If successful, they will have "resurrected" a man they claim to be the Messiah.

Paperback; 144 pages

Project Messiah
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